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"Tony Bramwell has been called the Forrest Gump of Rock. 'I wasn't sure what Forrest Gump was,' he says. 'And then I realised it was somebody who was accidentally in the right places.'

Tony has send me a link to a video and article which is appearing in the Times to mark the beginning of a weeks celebration of 40 years since the Beatles split. In the video, Tony reveals some remarkable new facts about the Beatles and Yoko Ono.

Tony's new book "Magical Mystery Tours - My Life with The Beatles" has just entered the Top 10 Best sellers in the US.

Magical Mystery Tours: My Life With The Beatles by Tony Bramwell is published by Anova books priced 9.49 (RRP 9.99), free p&p,  0870 1608080; Also available from Amazon

View the video at Times Online

Tony Bramwell Receives MerseyCats Lifetime Membership Award

Tony Bramwell The Beatles Road Manager and later on Managing Director of Apple Records and Apple Films was awarded a special lifetime membership of MerseyCats at a ceremony at the Hard Days Night Hotel. Tony travelled all the way up from Devon which took about eight hours. Tony commented "I can get to New York quicker". We had a bit of a disaster with Tony's accommodation as the town was fully booked and he had to return on the midnight train to London. Tony, I promise we will make it up to you. MerseyCats really appreciated the effort you made. Tony' new book "Magical Mystery Tours - My Life with The Beatles" has hit the top ten sellers in the USA this week. You can buy Tony's book which is a fabulous read, on Amazon

Wally Shepard and Tony Bramwell


George Harrison and the mystery of the missing Rickenbacker

Tony BramwellLongtime Beatles friend and business associate Tony Bramwell is on a quest for a missing guitar.

He is trying to recover the Rickenbacker electric guitar that was given to Jack Oliver, the former General Manager of Apple Records, in 1969 by George Harrison. No questions asked on its return.

Tony says, "In 1963, when George visited his sister Louise in the states, he bought a small Rickenbacker Guitar and was very proud of it. I had it painted black for him, to match John's. The only time I remember him using it was on the TV show 'Ready, Steady, Go.' In 1969, George gave it to Jack Oliver, and not long after, it was stolen. I would really like to know if anyone had seen it since."

If you know anything about the current whereabouts of the guitar, you might want to tell Tony about it in person. The paperback edition of Tony Bramwell's book, Magical Mystery Tours - My Life With The Beatles  is now available, and MerseyCats have arranged a special  book signing at the Hard Days Night Shop adjacent to the Hotel on 30th August  to talk about the book and meet fans. Merseycats   are playing at the Hotel on that day as part of the Mathew Street Festival. He gives a 45 minute speech about his time with The Beatles including a multi-media presentation, and then takes questions and answers from the audience. His book is available at the event and he will be signing them as well.  If you can't wait, you can order the book right now from Amazon by clicking the link. 

Tony was good enough to send me an advance copy of the book which I can assure our readers is a riveting read. Its includes some sensational new information concerning John Lennon and Brian Epstein, an insiders view of the break up of the Beatles and lots of new information about John and Yoko.

For more details contact the Hard Days Night Shop on 0151 203 1340
Tony has more appearances coming up  in October at the Nashville Fab Four Fest at The Cannery Ballroom Nashville, and the Beatle Brunch Club cruise around the UK in September.

You can follow Tony on Twitter at @BeatlesFriend  . Extracted from information first published on



Beatles insider Tony Bramwell to publish new book 

Reprinted by Kind permission of  and Beatles Brunch radio

By Katie Hickox, Beatles News reporter

Tony Bramwell, former Beatles Road Manager and close friend of the Beatles, revealed yesterday during an online chat with Joe Johnson's Beatle Brunch Radio Club members that he has finished writing a second new book after having published the groundbreaking "Magical Mystery Tours: My Life With the Beatles" in 2005.  His co-author will be Rosemary Kingsland and he hopes to have it published in the next year or so.  He didn't reveal the name of the new book but said they are working on finalising a name.

In the interview, Tony told Joe Johnson that the very last picture of Beatles Manager Brian Epstein that was ever taken, was with him during the "All You Need is Love" taping in late June, 1967.


 brian epstein 
The last photo of Brian Epstein 

Tony also revealed that he filmed the Beatles performing at Shea Stadium and that his film has still not been released by Apple!  Tony says he "was in charge of filming Shea and did the final editing and overdubs."  Apparently Apple Records holds a treasure trove of films, promo films and photos that Tony produced while he worked with the Beatles from the very beginning after Brian signed the Beatles to their first contract in early 1962, and asked Tony to come work for him and help him with the Beatles concerts. 

Tony says he doesn't know when or if Apple will ever get around to releasing the Beatles Shea Stadium performance.  When asked when the Beatles Shea Stadium film will finally be distributed, Tony says "Apple have all the rights" and that "... remember to do any Beatle project Ringo Paul and Yoko and Olivia have to agree."  So, us Beatle fans need to write to Apple and petition them to release this important film and to also give credit to Tony for everything he produced during his time with the Beatles!  Here's a mailing address for Apple Records in London:

Apple Records
27 Ovington Square
London, SW3 1LJ

When asked whether he ever thought the Beatles would get as successful as they became, Tony replied, "Not really, there was always the hope that it would suceed, but they paid their dues. It was Brian (Epstein) who had the push to get it going."

beatles brunch

The BeatleBrunchClub is part of Joe Johnson's "BeatleBrunchRadio" which airs weekly on dozens of radio stations around the US and offers members many benefits such as the ongoing exclusive live chats with Beatles celebrities.

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