The MerseyCats Committee for 2009/2010 

wally shepard chairman merseycatsWally Shepard - Chairman

Wally has been chairman for the past five years. There is  no one more qualified for the position, for Wally in addition to being one of the original Merseycats played a major role in the foundation of the MerseyBeat as the bass player with Liverpool legends Earl Preston and the TTs.

wally shepard with earl preston and the tts

                                           Wally is pictured here on the left with Earl Preston circa 1962

At many venues the TTs topped the bill ahead of the Beatles. Wally recounts the day they launched E arl Preston as their new lead singer, and just as he was about to begin the act, a voice from the balcony shouted "That's no bloody Earl Preston, that's Joey Spruce from Speke", The voice was  non other than John Lennon.

The TTs started off life as Johnny Tempest and the Tornadoes, but tragically lead singer Johnny contracted meningitis at just 21 and died. Wally's band today is called Tempest  which I think explains it all.

Contact Wally Shepard on:   0151 220 1363


Bernie Prescott Vice Chairman Merseycats

Bernie Prescott - Vice Chairman

Bernie, pictured here with his vintage Les Paul, just missed out on the sixties, but played in bands throughout the seventies. He recently retired from a long and distinguished career as an officer in Her Majesties Coast Guard and now spends his time helping his sons' business and playing guitar with Tempest.

There is no truth in the rumour that I have made the picture narrower than the original!!!.





Kay Shepard Treasurer MerseyCats

Kay Shepard - Treasurer

Kay handles all things financial and is the driving force behind the organisation of MerseyCats. Kay is married to Wally and she tells me they met when she was just 14, engaged at 16,married at 18 and 44 years later she is pictured here hugging Frankie Connor from Radio Merseyside!!!. Kay and Wally are two of the nicest people you could meet.

Kay's claim to fame was that she was "kissed and cuddled" by Paul McCartney, who gallantly bought her a meat pie at the Pierhead. Boy, did we know how to treat a lady in those days.




John Clucas Secretary Merseycats

John Clucas - Secretary

John has the thankless task of handling all the administrative requirements of the organisation. He is eminently qualified for the role as his full time job is acting as a Councillor for the Liberal Democrat Party. John is an excellent guitarist and can be seen most weeks playing with his band The Boogeymen. He too was there at the beginning of MerseyBeat, playing with The Blues Angels.

John, in addition to an impressive collection of guitars has all the latest voice and PA gadgets, which he uses in his one man shows around the pubs and clubs in Liverpool.

For all MerseyCats correspondence please write to:

John Clucas,  209 Hunts Cross Avenue,Woolton, Liverpool L25 9NB

                                                     Tel No: 0151 280 9206

John Clucas singing with the Blues Angels

John  centre with The Blues Angels at the Hideaway Club in 1965 (Incidentally the bass player on the left is MerseyCat member and current member of The   Bumblies -  Keith Turner)



dave myers merseycats

Dave Myers - Committee Member

Dave has been a committee member for many years and had a spell as Chairman. Another great player from the sixties, Dave played at the famous Star Club with The Pawns and also played with Cliff Roberts and the Rockers who were one of the top ten bands of the era. Dave is also a member of Tempest and is regarded as one of the best technical guitarists at Cats. This is the only decent picture I have of Dave, which I have to admit was taken a few years ago, but I can report that the years have made little difference to his lean, mean and moody appearance!!!!

dave myers with the pawns at the star club

                                                         Dave on the left with The Pawns at the Star Club Hamburg


will mountain merseycats

Will Mountain - Committee Member

Every committee needs a straight talker and Will fits the role perfectly. Will is a dedicated member of Merseycats who works very hard in the background to ensure the smooth running of the organisation. Will also keeps an eye on the website to make sure that the content is in keeping with standards of MerseyCats. Rumour has it that he is a very accomplished guitarist, playing stuff from Django Reinhardt that is way above the capabilities of most of our players. Perhaps one day we will get a chance to see him playing. Will is also an avid collector of guitars and has over forty in his collection.





dave ferguson webmaster

Dave Ferguson - Web Master

A newcomer to the committee this year, Dave has been recovering from  a  Heart Attack following the opening of his bank statement. Dave played in the sixties with The Bumblies who have recently reformed, The Politicians and The Countdowns making his last appearance at the Peppermint Lounge in 1968 ironically singing a Beatles song, "I'll Be On My Way". Dave also appeared briefly with a band called the Six Foot Four, which was a bit of a problem, as Dave checks in at a little under 5ft 4ins. When Dave joined MerseyCats, Chairman Wally Shepard was heard to say, At last a member who's smaller than me!!

dave with the countdowns at the opb

                                                   Dave on the right with The Countdowns at the OPB 1964

For all issues concerning the website please contact Dave at





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