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The Roaring Fourties - The Cryin Game

Live at MerseyCats June 2009

"Livin Lovin Wreck"

"The Cryin Game"


Latest Charity Events at Cologne Cats

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Brigitte Christoph Cologne's First lady of Charity, who amongst other things organises the  Cologne Children's Charity Ball  is awarded her Merseycats certificate of Honorary Membership. She is seen here with Manfred Jung who presented the certificate on behalf of MerseyCats.










cologne cats The "Joe Brown" Fender donated by MerseyCats Chairman Wally Shepard is shown here being presented to a young handicapped boy who plays along with his sister at the annual Cologne Ball Music Show.This special presentation was filmed by German TV publicising the growing influence of MerseyCats across the world.


Cologne Cats are the German extension of MerseyCats, who carry out great charity work in Germany. MerseyCats is forging ever closer links with the guys in Cologne and just recently Manfred Jung was awarded honorary Scousership (See below).

Manfred Jung and his band The Roaring Fourties are resident at the Hard Rock cafe in Cologne.

Manfred is now an Honorary Scouser

 honorary scouser

For his charitable work in both Cologne and Liverpool Manfred Jung, who heads up "Cologne Cats" in Germany, has been awarded Honorary Scousership. The presentation took place at the Liverpool Town Hall on Monday 6th April

For more information visit Manfred's site

MerseyCats Now Big In Germany

Our German affiliate "Cologne Cats" under the direction of Manfred Jung were very busy over the Christmas Holiday handing over a cheque for 2000 Euros from money raised at their "Sound of The Sixties" nights at the Hard Rock Cafe in Cologne. The photos show the hard work put by the guys and girls over there including the now Famous Santa  Harley Davidson  Run  through the streets of Cologne.



Manfred Jung fromthe Roaring Fourties   who also played with late great Ian Edwards as a member of Ian's Zodiacs in Cologne has sent a link toHorst Fascher's Homepage- the co-founder of the Star Club Hamburg who brought the Beatles to the Star Club

Hear Manfred and Ian playing togther


beat club hamburg
star club hamburg


Manfred sent us this link to Horst Fascher's (Founder of the Star Club- Hamburg) site.

On the site is a never before heard track of the Beatles backing Horst for his rendition of "Hallelujah I Love her so". 

Horst is a friend of Manfred's and he tells us he is planning to visit Cats for our 20th birthday celebrations later this year, so we look forward to meeting him and all our German friends.




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