The Mathew Street Festival 2009

A Message From The Chairman

Hi Wally Shepard here,

After such a fantastic weekend I would like to express my sincere thanks, firstly to all the bands for the very professional way in which they handled themselves  at the Casbah, The Exchange Street Stage and the Hard Days Night Hotel sending a message to visitors from all over the world that MerseyBeat is still very much alive. Myself, Bernie Prescott (Vice Chairman) and the committee would like also  to  thank all those involved for their enthusiasm in support of the MerseyCats aims. Special thanks go to Colin Eaton for filling in for Will Mountain at the Casbah, Stephen Morley who  toiled away on the sound desk for a total of ten hours. Stephen celebrates his 21st birthday this week and we wish him a superb birthday. Thanks also go to Andy  from Searchin' who helped clear all the gear. Thanks to Kay , Maja , her daughter Julie,  Lynn,  John Clucas and Derek Banks (  Ricky Gleason) for  their support on the Mic and collecting funds for the charity. With entrance fees, it looks as if the amount collected for the Exchange Street East Gig  and  the Hard Days Night  will exceed £3,000. The figure for the Casbah is still being finalised.

Kind regards to you all ...Wally Shepard

Wally Shepard - Chairman MerseyCats

An Addendum from Mogg: I think all of us should also thank the members of Tempest - Wally Shepard, Bernie Prescott, Dave Myers, Beryl Prescott and Bob Geraghty who organised all the equipment, setting the stage up, and dismantling and lugging it back to MerseyCats HQ.


What A Weekend!!!- MerseyBeat Back With A Bang

In what was probably the most fantastic weekend for the Mersey Sound in many years, the eighteen bands who took part in the MerseyCats extravaganza at the Casbah  on Saturday, Sunday at the Exchange Street Stage and later on at the Hard Days Night Hotel can be congratulated for putting on the most fantastic   performance, reminding people of why Liverpool Beat Music took the world by storm in the 60s. It must have been the adrenalin, but the bands just simply raised their game to new heights with a power display of the "Atom  " sound, shaking the paint off the ceiling and driving the crowds wild. Every time one of the bands laid into a 60s track, the audience were on their feet and for many fans they were able to re-live  the days of their youth, when the world held so much promise. Even the early start at the Exchange Street East  stage attracted a large crowd and the bands tell me the sound system was awesome. I am hoping that someone took a video of the show, as I was busy organising the HDN event.


The Undertakers who performed at all three venues gave an absolutely stunning show with  Geoff Nugent, Jackie Lomax and Brian Jones ably supported by Billy ,Baz  and  Jimmy   all giving vintage performances.  Karl Terry and the Cruisers took us back to the first wave of MerseyBeat and just rocked the house  down.  The allan schroederJaywalkers   kick  ed off the show at the HDN and their sound was the best I've ever heard it. John Clucas's band The Boogeymen  followed on with a classic rockabilly set and the Kirkby Skifflers reminded everyone of one of the important  roots of our music with special guest the amazing Allan Schroeder on washboard. The Chris Rimmer Band  raised the bar with first wave musicians,  Ken Shalliker, George Eccles and Gaz Gaskell showing the youngsters how to put on a show. It was great to see Jimmy Kelly guesting with the band and although it took a lot out of him heGaz Gaskell enjoyed every minute. The Claytons played for the first time in many years sober!!! and brought the house down with their mix of solid MerseyB  eat and soulful ballads. Ricky Gleason bounced higher than ever, giving a performance of such energy we had the Hotel Doctor on standby just in case. Searchin  gave the audience a fabulous set of favourites which was particularly appreciated by the many overseas visitors present. Shooter   showed us what a working band can to do to bring the audience to their feet with an extremely polished performance featuring a fabulous medley of 60s hits. Then came the Shakers who's  act is just made for the Hard Days Night... and what can I say... out of this world!!!!... with the only downside being that my band The Bumblies had to follow them. The evening just got better and better with Mike Byrne and the Sun Rockers showing us how the professionals do it. Beat Club were voted loudest band of the night just beating the Bumblies into second place. Loud they may be, but they put together a fabulous set. Finishing off the night with their great show Tempest   took us back to the days of Earl Preston and the TTs  with  Earl Preston (Joey Spruce) himself appearing and showing that he still has the superb style that made him one of the MerseyBeat Greats. Whew.... what a night and a record take for MerseyCats. As a final word...on my way out of the Hotel on Monday morning, we overheard a guest making a reservation for next years show...which I think says it all. Many thanks to all the bands for putting on such an amazing fantastamorgorical, awesome, great   show which we were told more than once... was the best stage in the entire festival.

MerseyCats The Movie Stars

Ricky Gleason

A German Film Crew flew over specially to interview some of the stars of the show. The film which will be a full length documentary on the Beat boom of the 60s with a special emphasis on the Hamburg/Liverpool connection. I think we were all a bit surprised when the makeup assistant started padding the boys with foundation powder. However I understand Ken Shalliker  has kept his on all weekend. The Film producers have agreed to let MerseyCats have 100 copies of the completed film to sell on for the charity. The film is due for release in approximately one years time. Hopefully we can get hold of a few rushes to show on the site over the next few months.

125,000 flood to Liverpool for Mathew Street Festival despite downpour

The rain may have poured, but nothing could dampen the spirits of the crowds on the first day of the Mathew Street Festival. Liverpool was in party mood as 125,000 people flocked to enjoy Europe’s biggest free city centre music party.

From The Christians to The Merseycats,Read the full article Liverpool Daily Post

IT SEEMS WE STRUCK A CHORD (or a thousand)

The Undertakers At The Casbah

Well folks, it seems we have had some sort of an impact with phone calls and emails coming in fast to congratulate the bands on their staggering performance over the weekend. I've just heard that The Kirkby Skifflers   received a standing ovation at the Exchange Street Stage with the crowd not wanting them to go. Beatles News the biggest Beatles website on the planet has published a super positive article raving about the Undertakers' performance which you can view here BeatlesNews.Com 16 Bands in One Concert. Alex Chureev from Russia has sent over some fabulous pictures of the Casbah event which will be up shortly.

Tempest Exchange Street Stage

From: Alex Chureev []
Sent: 01 September 2009 12:16
To: Dave Ferguson


Sorry, not yet speak English, translates Google translator. 


Many thanks for two wonderful music of the day, waiting for them to look half-year and not in vain. 

Glad to see alive and healthy so many musicians ... For the love of him in the USSR we did not like, and sometimes and punished our pravitelstvo.No we listened and listened and will listen to and love this music! 

Thanks again, Alex. 


The Jaywalkers at The Hard Days Night

Mave's Great Photos from the Mathew Street Festival

Merseycats & Friends

Mave Atherton has sent us her Photo library from the Mathew Street Festival with some great shots from Old Roan, the Casbah, The Exchange Street stage and the Hard Days Night Hotel



 PhotoShows From the Festival Weekend

Click to enlarge 


More Pictures From The Mathew Street Weekend


New High Quality Photos from the HDN

Gerard Fleming took a whole load of photos on the 30th August some of which can be seen below. Check out Gerard's site   for the full set. If you would like to buy a full size print, email Gerrard and I'm sure he will oblige.

Click The Photo To Enlarge 

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