jim kelly

Jim's funeral took place on the 2nd October in Formby and over 500 people turned out to wish the great man a final farewell. It was standing room only with people travelling from all over the world to offer their last respects. In a beautiful service Jim's cousin Franck Maguire read the eulogy and reminded everyone what a kind, gentle and funny man he was; reciting stories from his childhood to today. Jim's friend Stephen Gerard played an Alan Taylor song on guitar with some special words written especially for Jim. It would have been the way he wanted to be remembered with "In My Life" by The Beatles played as a finale as Jim embarked on his final earthly journey. A day to be sad, but also a day to celebrate the life of one great human being.

In My Life - The Beatles


Fields of Gold  - Orange Guitar

The Jim Kelly Band - 2007


"I don't live by him" Jim Kelly

 Jim Kelly

"If You Enjoyed it we're Los Paracetamol, if you didn't... we're  The Undertakers" - Jim Kelly

"Jim was a man in a million and we will never see the likes of him again. He was something else, so brave, and he is now where he wants to be. He is out of pain and I love him. He was determined to play with the band at the Hard Days Night Hotel just a couple of weeks ago and we made sure he got his wish."

Chris Rimmer

"We all Loved Jimmy. He will be so sadly missed"

George Eccles

"Keep on Rocking gentle man with Elvis and Buddy in the band in the Sky it was a pleasure to know you and play alongside you.   "

Bassman (Ken Shalliker)


It was with great feeling of loss and sadness that both Kay and myself felt when we heard of Jimmy's death, although not totally surprised, but still shocked, as I had spoken only recently to Jim regarding his battle with the illness. He openly talked about it with myself and I am sure with others he considered his friends.  

He will be sadly missed by all who knew him, a true gentleman and person of great witt and laughter matched only by the courage and determination that enable him to play the music he loved for the last time for Merseycats at the Hard Days Night Hotel 30th August 2009.

'FOR THE MUSIC, FOR THE FUN, FOR THE KIDS' a quote from Jim at the Hard Rock Cafe, Cologne 2007

Rest in peace Jim, you will remain in our hearts

 Wally (Chairman) & Kay Shepard 



"Although Beryl and I have lived in Formby for over 30 years it is only in the last five years or so through Merseycats that we have had the privilege of getting to know Jim Kelly. Jim was a truly gentle man, I never knew him to say a bad word about anyone. He loved nothing better than playing his guitar and driving his car. He was well respected in the racing world and having had a few lifts from him can understand why. He was also well respected within Merseycats. He had none of the usual problems of ego and was happiest belting out a few chords with the Jam Band. He was always ready to help out with fundraising and attended all the shows even when he was unwell. I don't think any of us will truly understand the trials and tribulations he has suffered with his health over many years because he never complained. It was a measure of the man that he managed to play for the last time at the Hard Day's Night. God Bless you Jim , we will miss you."


Bernie Prescott

Vice Chair



"It was my privilege to have known Jim for just two short years and in that time, it felt as if we had been friends for a lifetime. He had been ill for a long time and yet never complained. His decision to forego Chemotherapy last year was I believe a good one, as it has given him almost a year of life with a quality that would never have been there, had he have chosen the chemical route. Right to the last he was fighting his disease when many folks would have given up. A brave, brave man who made me proud to be British. We used to speak on the phone regularly and I needed to do that, as I know how lonely it can be when you have a life threatening disease. I would send Jim all the news I could find about developments in cancer research just to provide some hope, as I think hope is the one thing we all need to keep going on this troubled planet. I called him late last week and there was no answer, that makes me so sad, as I would have loved to tell him just one more time what he was.... a shining star....Jim its been an honour to know you., and you never know, God may have the answer to the fourth chord. Will miss you lots."

Dave Ferguson


The Jim Kelly Band


So Sorry to hear about Jimmy.  He was  a lovely man, a true gentleman and I will miss him. 


Pat From Beatclub


"So sad to hear about the death of Jimmy. He was a really nice guy. I am so pleased that he was able to be on stage with The Chris Rimmer Band at The Hard Days Night Hotel, although he was very ill at the time, he was determined to get there. I will miss him."

   Betty Edwards



"Vaya con Dios" Jim.   


Margi  and Frank Earl.xx 


"We are really saddened to learn of the passing of a good friend and fellow Merseycat who was also a very nice person. He will be missed greatly by Jean and myself and I'm sure many others."

   Dave and Jean Myers

"I'm so sad to hear of the untimely death of Jim, he fought so hard not to leave us, he loved life. He was a shining bright light and I wasn't surprised to find out that he had a strong faith in God and I hope that gave him great comfort at the end. Sleep peacefully sweet and gentle Jim."

Love Lynnie xx ( Lynn Ferguson)

"I fully agree with the previous sentiments, I only knew Jimmy for a couple of year's and played with him in the Jam band a few times. On a trip with him to Cologne my wife remarked how kind he had been with her when she felt unwell on the plane even though she had just met him. He will be sadly missed at Merseycat's and around Formby where he lived. Rest in Peace."

 Maureen and Ian Howe

Jimmy Kelly, one of the nicest blokes I have ever known. He will be missed by all those who knew him.  

Will Mountain

Earlier in the year I attended Merseycats for the first time in a long while, I was told of Jim's battle with cancer and marvelled at the way he regularly attended and, without any fuss, performed. I only spoke to him once, passing pleasantry's; it was obvious that Jim was a warm open person who was extremely brave and loved his music. Rest in peace Jim, our sympathies are with all who were close to him.

Keith, Mike and Jeff.

Jimmy was one of the first people to chat and welcome us to the Marconi Club when we first joined Merseycats. He will be sadly missed.   Fond Memories

Norman & Hilary Curren

"Jim, not a lot to say, you took me by surprise and moved on... only the other week we went to the Southport theatre for a nights"rock and roll" , then you were then going to France for a few days, said "we'll meet up next week for a bite to eat"...and then it all became too much... Here's to one of life's Gentlemen, gave me grief when he jammed with me, (always said, "sorry, missed that chord") and he's giving me grief again.... See you later Jim.... "

Keith Turner

"I first met Jim several years ago at the Jam nights on Mondays at the Legion Old Roan
I immediately felt at ease with this great man because that what he was a Great Man,
always ready to offer encouragement to others me included,I did'nt know how ill he really was until last year and never heard him complain but seeing him in June up on stage with Chris Rimmer's band showed his enthusiasm for Rock n Roll certainly had not been affected.
Jim it was an honour having known you and to share the same stage,God Bless"

Paul Taylor

"So sorry to hear about Jim's death, I did not know him for long, I met him on a couple of occasions when I was invited around to Colin Woodruff's for a meal, I found him to be a real gent and would speak to him when he visited Merseycats." With deepest sympathies from;

Ricky Gleason & The Topspots


"I remember when we used to play on the early shift at Merseycats,   the band was made up of anybody who was around ,and Jimmy and I said it was the best band of the night. A real gentleman and will be missed by all at Merseycats."


cheers, Mike (Ross) and Charlie


"So sorry to hear that Jimmy has passed away. He was such a gentle man and a good friend - always had time to speak to everyone and make everyone welcome at Merseycats. He will be sorely missed."

 Val, Mike & Stephen Morley

"We will always remember our good friend Jimmy,  who battled so hard against all his illness' without a murmer  of complaint.

  He was often at our little dinner parties and was always full of wit and fun especially when

Gordon and Ann where around."It doesn't matter Gordon" was one of his sayings to Gordon.

  We will really miss you Jim but in our hearts you'll always be with us.


Keep rockin old friend see you in part two."


Love always Colin and Dulcie. 



"Thanks for being my best friend you were so good to me,thanks for my lovely presents,

miss you lots."


Love Dulcie. XXX


"I have played with Jimmy many times at Cats and saw him a few weeks ago at Longmoor, we still had a laugh and a Joke, a gentle guy and a gentleman, hope you took your guitar Jimmy, you will be playing with True Legends up there."  

Arty Davies 

"Jim was the funniest and best uncle I could wish for. I told everyone I became friends with about him as I was so proud of his bravery and what he had achieved. I will always remember the fun times we had, and how as a child he was the only member of the family to get me to eat my dinners!! Jim was such a fighter, so much so that I cant believe it's happened. You will never be forgotten Jimmy, and you will always be missed. I'll think of you everytime I need some sit down time at a family party, and especially every time I see a pink panther! The family wont be the same without you. I'll love you and remember you always,"

Maisie xxxxx

"So sorry to hear Jim leaving us after his brave fight - a real gentleman in every way and so glad he fufilled his last wish to play with Chris Rimmer Band on Hard Days Night Hotel at Mathew Street Festival."

God bless & rest in peace

Maja & Keith Dodd

"Jimmy it was our pleasure to have known you for the short while that we did..It seems like only yesterday when we where arranging dates for the Brooke that you had arranged for us.We are so glad you got your last wish to play at the MSF 09.  "

Death leaves a heartache
No one can heal
Love leaves a memory
No one can steal

Rest in Peace mate. Searchin'

"Adios mon ami mate."  

Chris Wilson 

  " Thanks for the memories Jim. Be luckier wherever you are. Keep strummin".

John Partington ( Spidermen )

"One of the first people to befriend me when I first started going to  Merseycats, he was always there for anyone who needed his help. It was always most excellent to share the stage with Jim. It’s no surprise to me that this wonderful man was loved by so many of us. I am proud to have known Jim and I too will miss him."

     Colin Eaton 


"What great courage you had Jimmy. Every Thursday without fail you played at Merseycats. You were determined to play for Merseycats at the Hard Days NIght Hotel, and YOU DID. A really nice guy who will be sadly missed. Another Muso in Heavens Rock Band."

Goodnight God Bless, Geoff Nugent.

"The first time I met Jimmy Kelly was 49 years ago when he, with a bunch of his friends, tried to gate crash my friend's 15th birthday party by looking in through her front room window and asking to come in. The answer from my friend was "My Mum said No Boys!" but they came in anyway. Since then I bumped into Jimmy around Formby and at Merseycats lots of times. Loved your smile Jimmy when we unexpectedly met. Wish you didn't have to leave us. So glad you played the HDN Hotel gig."

God bless. Mave (Atherton)

"The courage Jim showed in the last weeks of his life was truly amazing, and we were privileged to share some of his last days with him at our home in France. He was determined to make the journey to Lourdes, with Mike Robinson, John Cawley, Jim and myself, despite being in excruciating pain throughout the trip.

Apart from the odd 'grumpy moment' (to which he was more than entitled! ) he maintained his sense of fun, made us all laugh, and above all, never doubted his faith.

I feel sure that his prayers were answered quickly, in that he is now at peace both mentally and physically."

Jim and Ann Rimmer.

"I knew you were suffering Jim because you had so much more to give and so much more to live. You were gentle and brave and made me giggle at your jokes and smile at your kind messages when I needed them."  


"Bless you Jim"

Love  Brenda (Lyden) X

"Jim was a truly special cousin and sincere friend. He supported me through difficult times with his reassuring phone calls, having little regard for his own health problems. Over the years Jim always made an effort to maintain close links with our families in Shropshire and Brighton, though the distance between us often made this difficult.  

I have very happy memories of times spent in Formby and guided tours of Liverpool. Nothing was ever too much trouble for Jim. He was "one of a kind" and will be greatly missed by friends and family alike."


" Forever in my heart and thoughts."

All my love.   Mary ( Stephen) x

Jim Kelly and Billy Shine

Jimmy with Comedian Billy Shine (Thanks to Andy from Searchin')

The last pictures taken of Jim at the Hard Days Night gig 30th August 2009

jim at the hdn

jim kelly at the hdn

Jim Kelly Super Star













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