merseycats live at the hard days night hotel

MerseyCats is proud to announce a series of shows in collaboration with the world famous Hard Days Night Hotel to provide live bands from the 60's at the Hotel on a regular basis, bringing back the famous Mersey Sound to Mathew Street after a gap of some 48 years.

See YouTube for live performances of Merseycats at the Hard Days Night

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MerseyCats @ Hard Days Night Hotel

Sunday 30th August 2009

13.00 - 13.30 

The Jaywalkers

13.35 - 14.05    


14.10 - 14.40    

Kirkby Skifflers 

14.45 - 15.15    

Chris Rimmer Band 

15.20 - 15.50    

The Claytons 

16.30 - 17.00     

Ricky Gleason & The Topspots

17.05 - 17.35    


17.40 - 18.10    

Karl Terry & The Cruisers 

18.50 - 19.20    

The Shakers 

19.25 - 19.55    

The Bumblies 

20.00 - 20.30     

Beat Club 

20.35 - 21.05    

Mike Byrne & the Sun Rockers 

21.10 - 21.40    

The Undertakers 

21.45 - 22.15   


22.15 to finish

Earl Preston with Tempest

The First Show at the Hard Days Night

The try out show for the HDN was a great success with most of the logistical issues sorted out. For those who were there, I'm sure you will agree that the atmosphere was fantastic. The acoustics of the room are fabulous, which meant that all the bands sounded absolutely amazing. Tempest began the night and ripped through their extensive repertoire, the highlight being Bad Case of Lovin You which features on their new CD available here. Tempest gave way to Liverpool's Mr "Rock N Roll" Piano Mike Byrne who took us back to the fifties with a raft of Jerry Lee Lewis rockers. It was then over to The Shakers playing for over an hour with their new line up who were in a word ........SENSATIONAL. It just reminded me of the Iron Door Club which I always preferred to the Cavern. I was in Hari's Bar when they broke into "I Want To Hold Your Hand" and I gotta tell you....shivers down the spine.....who said the Beatles would never play live again!!!!!!!. Some light relief was offered in the form of an impromptu Jam Band consisting of yours truly Ambrose, Pat and Gary from Beat Club and Bobby from Tempest on Drums. Its not often I have to be cajoled on stage, but after the stress and trauma of organising the event, I was really not in shape to Bop, which showed with an interesting introduction to Need Your Love So Bad, fortunately, Good Ole Chuck Berry rescued me and a serious bit of bopping ensued  . The night closed off with a great set from the Amazing Paul Kappa who took an hour to extract himself from another city centre gig just down the road. He didn't disappoint with another electric performance. Phew!!, in all the excitement we all forgot our cameras, so you will have to take my word for it....It was a Hard Days Night All Over Again....and we've only just begun. I managed one grainy shot on my cellphone of the Shakers and here it is...

The Shakers at the Hard Days Night Hotel

The Second Show at The Hard Days Night


The 2nd Merseycats show at the HDN was a raging success with a full house and standing room only.The bands were great, the atmosphere was great, and we ran out of chairs. So if you want to make it to the August 30th show book your tickets now.


The Mersey Beat Finale

In what is probably the final opportunity for fans worldwide to experience the Liverpool Beat as it really was, with the original bands from the era,the first two shows in May and July were a sellout and upcoming August will be the biggest yet..

Revisit this page to see the All Star line up for the shows for future shows

John Lennon bust at the Hard days Night Hotel

jonanthan davies Hard Days Night

People at the Hard Days Night

Jonathan Davies (on left) Managing Director of the Hard Days Night Hotel with Shannon who was commissioned to design some of the amazing art at the Hotel.

 The Zygmant Suite

What a fabulous place to hold a rock show, the Zygmant suite named after the famous New York Photographer is the place where its happening. Great atmosphere, beautiful decor with some fabulous original art of the Fab Four.

Sit and relax or get up and rock.... its your choice.


zygmant suite at the hard days night hotel


Fancy a drink, just stroll into the World famous "Hari's Bar"


Hari's Bar Hard Days Night Hotel


Hari's Bar named in commemoration of the Beatles trip to India, is just the best place in Liverpool to sit, have a drink and listen to the bands.


Even better, a Romantic night at the Hotel?


The JohnLennon Suite Hard days Night Hotel


In addition to the fabulous standard suites, the hotel features the memorable John Lennon and Paul McCartney suites.

John's room comes complete with your own personal white baby grand piano. Imagine that!


Book an experience of a lifetime at the Hard Days Night Hotel, click the banner below.


hard days night hotel

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