Jam Night  2nd  April 2015
  Proud Sponsors of Merseycats
   MERSEYCATS presenting a cheque for
  £2000.00 to Eddie Hinks from C.H.I.C,S.
Jam Night  13th August 2015
  A great turnout for our first night back at
   The Old Roan. Some new faces and some
   old faces from the past. Let`s hope this is
  the beginning of a new chapter for the Original  
  Rock N Roll Jam Night.
   The first Jam Band at The Oldy
Jam Night  27th August 2015
    Merseycats raising funds for AMBER at Cooksons Bridge
                       September 5th 2015
  Admission : £1 Members  -  £2 Non Members
            The Oldy Club
        Copy Lane, Aintree
         Liverpool L30 8RA
  MPS - Merseyside Pipeline Supplies Ltd
    Radio Merseyside
     proud friends & supporters
Jam Night  & Christmas Party - December 17th 2015
Jam Night  28th January 2016
Jam Night  4th February2016
Jam Night 11th February2016
   Original Replica
Jam Night 2nd June 2016
       Notice to all Merseycats Members

Membership renewal subscriptions are due on
1st June 2016. All subscriptions must be paid
before 30th June to remain a paid up member
and enjoy all the benefits of being a Merseycats
See Dave McCoy ( treasurer ) at Jam Nights or
send a cheque payable to  Merseycats  to
The Oldy Club, Copy Lane, Aintree, Liverpool,
L30 8RA.
Thanks to everyone who is a Merseycats member,
without whom we could not do all the things we
do for sick and disadvantaged children in the
Merseyside area every year.
Membership Renewal 2016 / 2017
  The Mojos
  Due to The Oldy Club being used
  for voting on the E.U. Referendum
  there will be NO MERSEYCATS on
  Thursday 23rd June 2016.
  Whichever way the vote goes we will be back
  the following week 30th June.