Jam Night  13th August 2015
  A great turnout for our first night back at
   The Old Roan. Some new faces and some
   old faces from the past. Let`s hope this is
  the beginning of a new chapter for the Original  
  Rock N Roll Jam Night.
   The first Jam Band at The Oldy
            The Oldy Club
        Copy Lane, Aintree
         Liverpool L30 8RA
  Admission : £1 Members  -  £2 Non Members
   8pm until 11.30pm
Jam Night 25th May 2017
Jam Night 1st June 2017
Jam Night 9th June 2017
Lee Curtis & The Allstars
   MERSEYCATS Committee have received many enquiries about appearing         
   at The Anchor Courtyard. Unfortunately The Albert Dock Company
   have changed the format from 2017. Therefore MERSEYCATS 
   will not be performing there this year.
Jam Night 22nd June 2017
   Mike Byrne & The Sunrockers
     The Extras
     Swamp Dog Millionaires
    Thursday 3rd August
    Thursday 10th August
 Coming Soon to Merseycats
Jam Night 20th July 2017