Jam Night  2nd  April 2015
  Proud Sponsors of Merseycats
   MERSEYCATS presenting a cheque for
  £2000.00 to Eddie Hinks from C.H.I.C,S.
Jam Night  13th August 2015
  A great turnout for our first night back at
   The Old Roan. Some new faces and some
   old faces from the past. Let`s hope this is
  the beginning of a new chapter for the Original  
  Rock N Roll Jam Night.
   The first Jam Band at The Oldy
Jam Night  27th August 2015
Jam Night  3rd September 2015
              Birthday Boy 69
   Chairman: Norman Petherbridge
    Merseycats raising funds for AMBER at Cooksons Bridge
                       September 5th 2015
Jam Night  17th September 2015
Jam Night  24th September 2015
   Merseycats @ Anchor Courtyard
   Saturday 26th September 2015
   Dublin Street
   Karen & Faron
Jam Night  1st October 2015
  Admission : £1 Members  -  £2 Non Members
            The Oldy Club
        Copy Lane, Aintree
         Liverpool L30 8RA
  MPS - Merseyside Pipeline Supplies Ltd
    Radio Merseyside
     proud friends & supporters
   Rockin` 60`s
   Just Us
   Love Me Blues
Jam Night  15th October 2015
   Committee members presenting Ipads to
   The Isabella Trust
Jam Night  12th October 2015