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Jam Night  17th January 2014
  Proud Sponsors of Merseycats
  @  Aintree
   Holy Rosary Parish Centre
  Altway , Aintree, Liverpool
              L10 2LG
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   Vince Earl & The Attractions
   1989 -2014
Jam Night  6th February 2014
Jam Night  27th February 2014
at the
Jam Night  2nd  April 2015
   MERSEYCATS presenting a cheque for
  £2000.00 to Eddie Hinks from C.H.I.C,S.
  MERSEYCATS events 2015
Jam Night  11th June 2015
Jam Night  2nd July 2015
   George`s Big Shed
  Merseycats Guest Band
       30th July 2015
Jam Night  9th July 2015
   His name is George and he has a big shed