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    A welcome return to the Drums for Sir Alec Guinness
Jam Night  17th January 2014
  Proud Sponsors of Merseycats
  @  Aintree
   Holy Rosary Parish Centre
  Altway , Aintree, Liverpool
              L10 2LG
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  A.K.A. Peter Maloney
Jam Night  18th July 2013
  A welcome return to Merseycats from TempesT
  featuring 3 Ex Chairmen, Dave, Wally and Bernie.
  Bob on Vocals/Drums and Beryl on Vocals /Keyboards.
   Vince Earl & The Attractions
   1989 -2014
Jam Night  6th February 2014
Jam Night  27th February 2014
Jam Night  28th August 2014
Jam Night  11th September 2014
Jam Night  25th September 2014
at the
Jam Night  23 October 2014