Press Conference:

To Launch the HDN/MerseyCats partnership


At a press call at the Hard Days Night Hotel organised by Mike Byrne, MerseyCats and the Hard Days Night Hotel announced details of our new partnership to the world's press. The meeting was well attended and the story has already been picked in places as far away as Brazil. Billy Kinsley of Merseybeats  and Liverpool Express  fame and one of the original MerseyCats gave an excellent summary of the early days of MerseyCats and Chairman Wally Shepard surprised Billy by awarding him the first 20th Anniversary Gold Pin specially produced for original Cats only. 20th anniversary pins will be made available shortly for memorabilia collectors in the shop section of the website. Tony Bramwell  the Beatles original Road Manager and later on Head of Apple Records and Apple Films talked by the early days of Beatles, and Roag Best (Pete's brother) gave the press an insight into the history of the famous Casbah club and his plans for 50th anniversary show on 29th August. Jonathan Davies the Managing Director of the Hard Days Night Hotel  thanked  the press for attending and re-affirmed the Hotel's commitment to recreate the atmosphere of those fabulous Mersey Sound Days of 1964 as part of the Hotel's entertainment package.


Mike Byrne Introduces the Top Table

 Wally Shepard talks about MerseyCats


Jonathan Davies HDN talks about his Goals

Billy Kinsley - How It All Started


Tony Bramwell talks about MerseyBeat  today

Roag Best Talks about the Casbah 50th





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