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Rare MerseyBeat Video Discovered

I've come across this amazing piece of video featuring the Undertakers but also featuring some very familar MerseyCat artists.

Beat City 1964

Dan Farson's documentary on the emergence of Liverpool as the new music centre of the world in 1964. It all seems so long ago.

Probably the only definitive film of MerseyBeat from the sixties featuring many of our favourites including Faron's Flamingoes, The Chants and Chick Graham.  

Will Mountain reminded me that the film features Merseycats Chairman Wally Shepard Bass player in theTTs. Also the Dulcie who Chick Graham mentions is Merseycat regular Dulcie.


Part 1


Part 2

Featuring Rory Storm & the Hurricanes

Part 3

Folk Music in Liverpool with The Spinners and Jackie and Bridie

Earl Preston and the TTs (With MerseyCats Chairman Wally Shepard on bass), Cy Tucker

Part 4

More from Earl Preston and the TTs, Gerry & the Pacemakers including "You'll Never Walk Alone" (Dedicated to all those unfortunate Manchester United Supporters)

Part 5

More from Gerry, the Blue Angel, the Jacaranda

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